New City Life

So the big move to the big city of London has officially happened!

And so far life in the city is going swimmingly! I moved into my halls on Sunday and felt a bit isolated as the all of the rooms are little studios. So unlike when I moved into Lafrowda in Exeter, there is never a need for you to go outside of your room to a common area.

However, luckily it was someone’s birthday in the halls on one of the first nights so a little party was organised and at that point I was able to meet quite a few people. And make some friends YAY!

It has all been really quite busy so far, meeting new people and exploring the city.

Have also joined a hockey club up here and have our first match tomorrow morning. It will be nice to have a run around a on a pitch again and meet some other people away from Uni.


That is all for now from the big city!



Exeter invades Bermuda – Cupmatch 2013

So again…I’ve been a bit MIA. But things have been hectic pon island!

Juliette and I had a friend each down from Uni to celebrate Cup Match Bermuda style! It was an absolutely fabulous 10 days of fun and a lot of sun! After a week of not drinking, due to antibiotics because of the infected toe from an early morning swim in the Ex, Beer pong, beachfest and Non-mariners were a great way to enjoy the summer in Bermuda!


I think a good time was had by all. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures as my camera is currently out of commission, hopefully soon to be fixed!

Only 4 more weeks in Bermuda before relocating again to the big city! LONDON!

Graduation: the end of a chapter

So I have definitely been a bit MIA again, but it has been a busy two weeks with packing, GRADUATING and celebrating galore!

Grad week was absolutely amazing and so much fun. We all tried to venture up to each of the housemates’ graduations to make sure we all could celebrate together despite graduating in different ceremonies. Also meaning that we were able to get some lovely pictures of all seven of us!

Cue the photo bonanza of graduation celebrations and grad ball!


Home Sweet Sunshine

So after several hours roaming around Gatwick and several more hours on a very busy flight across the Atlantic, I made it home to Bermuda!

And what have I been doing since my arrival on Sunday evening? Swimming. Sunning. Reading. Wimbledon.

It is wonderful! The pool has warmed up since I last tried it three weeks ago and the wonderful sunshine is cooperating in my quest to build up a tan before graduation and grad ball! It is beautiful!

Back out in to the sunshine for me!


So things sure do move quickly around here!

I am currently sitting in the BA Lounge (Yeah Silver Memeber!) at Gatwick awaiting my flight home! Basically, after sitting around Exeter for a few days doing sod all, Mum convinced me (didn’t take too much convincing really) to come home for a couple of weeks in the gap before graduation. So I am off back home again, EXCITED!

Anyway, to add to that excitement my plans to meet with a friend in London did happen. It was lovely to see him and felt surprisingly normal even after 4 years of not seeing each other and not really speaking very often either! It was lovely to catch a bite to eat and a couple of drinks with an old friend and catch up on the last 4 years, future plans and gossip from high school. We both got rather excited in anticipation of our 5 year high school reunion next May, which will be another great opportunity to catchup with some old friends.

It was a lovely evening and spending the day in London gave me a great opportunity to explore where I am going to be living and studying next year, the excitement just keeps growing!

Next stop: Sun, sea and maybe some scuba in Bermuda!


So as promised here is my post to fill you in on everything that has happened in the last month post-exam completion!

First stop was Bermuda: To attempt/complete my second half marathon within a month. All I can say is that it was tough! Much tougher than the Plymouth half, mostly attributing to the heat and humidity which my Exeter training regime had not helped me prepare for! Here is the pre-race photo!

Pre-run Photo Op

Pre-run Photo Opportunity

Don’t we look cheerful! Little did we know how hard the next couple of hours would be! But we all finished! Yay!

Next stop was supposed to be back to Exeter for a week, but my lovely Mum convinced me to change my flight to stay an extra week at home! Which was lovely! I even got to enjoy some time out on the boat in the beautiful sunshine!!

After a week of relaxation it was time for my 2-week insurance internship to begin! It was an absolutely wonderful experience and has really shown me that I am going into the right industry for me and that my Masters will be incredibly useful!

Ice creams in London in the sunny weather

Ice creams in London in the sunny weather

Here is a photo of the 4 of us on the internship enjoying some of our downtime in London!

On the final day of the internship it was DEGREE RESULTS D-DAY! Although I was pretty sure I was going to get the 2.1 that I needed in order to get onto my Masters, it was still a pretty stressful experience reading through the email with my marks! In the end all went well and I got a 2.1 overall (so depressingly close to a 1st, but oh well!) Also all the hard work revising for my exam definitely paid off as I got a very unexpected 1st on it! So MASTERS HERE I COME!!

Finally I ventured back to Exeter nearly a month later, after what was supposed to be only a week at home!

I have to admit I feel a little bit at a loss of what to do with myself now that there is nothing to study for! So after spending a day sorting out the mess which was my room and starting to think of having to pack up said room. Em and I ventured back to her house in Hampshire in an impromptu road-trip for an interview that she has this morning! It was lovely to have a two hour drive to have a proper girly catch-up!

I have another long-awaited catchup in store for the weekend in London, and I promise to be better with updates in the next months!


So I know I’ve been missing in action the past few weeks. I promise a fantastic update at some point this week explaining why! 

Race Day Número Dos

Half Marathon race day number two of two in a month has arrived! The forecast is 76 degrees and 80% humidity…just praying for a bit of cloud cover! Although either way I will run this thing! Got my hat and sun cream at the ready, let’s do this! 

More Post-Exam Celebrations

Its kind of ironic that we have finished our degrees but have reverted quickly back to childhood by  making and playing some life-size childhood games, namely Monopoly


It was a boat-load of fun, and we even found a way to incorporate our newly purchased paddling pool!


A little bit strange but a wonderful afternoon of fun with some of the housemates!

The Countdown Begins!

Only one week left until me 2nd half-marathon within a month! Had a long 12mile training run yesterday, which was brutal but worth it! Looking forward to the run next week in the Bermuda sunshine with Mum and Juliette! (unfortunately Dad can’t run because of his knee 😦 ) But he will definitely be there to cheer us all on! Lets go Ferrari – Team Tony!